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Florence University participate in Annual Outreach activity 10-11th June

CSGI took park in the annual outreach event organised by Florence University, ScienzEstate.  The team set up some colourful lab experiments and demonstrations to teach children a few basic concepts about the importance of surfactants in everyday life.  The DNA-TRAP brochure and poster made the link between CSGI’s leading study subjects and the DNA-TRAP project.  Finally we delivered a grand ending with some giant soap bubbles!  Both children and grown-ups had fun while learning new things.

italian brochure

please click below to see pictures of the open day.

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24th Feb 2014, Co-ordinators Briefing in Brussels, – Kostas, Zoe and Filippo attend

The EU provided a Co-ordinators briefing in Brussels on the 24th Feb 2014.  Kostas (project Co-ordinator), Zoe (Finance and Admin Manager DNA-TRAP) and Filippo (Finance and Admin Manager CSGI) attended.  The event was very useful, Kostas and Zoe asked a million questions and the team met the DNA-TRAP EU officer Bronius Goossens which was very informative.



pic 1 – Fillippo, Zoe, Kostas, pic 2 – Filippo, Kostas, and Bronius

ProcartaBioSystems at Family Science Discovery Day in the Forum, Sunday 1st June 2014


pic 1 – Alex and Clara, pic 2 – kostas, Davide, Doroty and Teresa, with young helpers.


“Can we kill the bugs?? ”

ProcartaBioSystems Limited attended the annual Family Science Discovery Day in the Forum on the 1st June.  The team hosted a stall with a fun game for children to demonsrate its technology.  The day went very well with lots of interest, both from children and their parents.  The message that drugs really need to target and kill specific diseases was well understood by the children the team talked to.