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20th May 2015 DNA-TRAP Mid-Term Review


A Mid-Term Review of the project DNA-TRAP was held on the 20th May 2015 in Norwich.  See all the team in the picture above.  EU experts came to assess the projects progress and were very please with what they found.  It was a great opportunity to all get together and progress the project even more.

31st May 2015 Procarta team attend the Science in Norwich Day 2015.

science day 31st may 2015science day 31st may 2015 - 3


sciecnce day 31st may 2015 - 1  science day 31st may 2015 - 2

The procarta team engaged with young scientist to make a model bacteria cell, explore the insides of your body and find where bacteria live, and explained why you need to wash your hands with help of uv light boxes.  There were lots of pretty pictures of real bacteria, and an opportunity to draw your own.

There were also posters explaining the use of microscopes, the size of nanoparticles, surgery now and in the past, and the problem of antibacterial resistance, and models of dna.

The day was a big success and attracted more than 2,200 visitors, we made 150 bacteria cell models with young people.

If you would be interest in our team visiting your school (ideally 11 to 18 year olds) – please contact zoe on (Norfolk area only).

Click here for some posters:

Bacterial Cell

bacteria gang

amazing facts bacteria