Monthly Archives: February 2016

25th September 2015 – European Researchers night in Torino

Torino European Researchers night 25th sept 2015Ana Gonzalez explaining some of the highlights of the DNA-TRAP project at the European Researcher’s night. As the sun went down many torinese people went out to enjoy an amazing night!

The night of the 25th september 2015, the Nanovector team took part of the European initiative “European Researcher’s Night” which took place in the Palace Square in Turin and where they had the chance to share with people the DNA-TRAP project and motivate the rational use of antibiotics.

Dr Leo Sitia and Dr Angels Ruyra and Dr Patrizia Floris attend Nano World Cancer Day 2nd Feb 2016

Dr Leo Sitia, Dr Angels Ruyra and Dr Patrizia Floris kept up to date with new development in the world of nano-medicine, at the Nano World Cancer Day, at Liverpool University in London on 2nd feb 2016.

For more details on the event see this link