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Italian newspaper article about paper published, in Scientific Reports 7

Antimicrobial Nanoplexes meet Model Bacterial Membranes: the key role of Cardiolipin” published in Scientific Reports 7, article 41242, Jan 2017,  first author Dr. Alejandro Marin-Menendez. The article is open access, it can be  freely accessed by anyone.  please use the link to view and enjoy.  To see related Italian newspaper article featuring the paper please click here Corriere_fiorentino_10feb2017pag9

Amalia Ruiz visits The Spanish Institute Vicente Canada Blanch in London for a outreach event, 26th April 2017

On Wednesday 26th April, Native Scientists (Amalia is part of the group) in partnership with the Embassy of Spain in London (FECYT) visited the Spanish Institute Vicente Cañada Blanch in London. During the workshop, 7-8 year old pupils learned interesting facts about bacteria and how to wash their hands in order to prevent the spreading of infections. Around 35 pupils modelled their own bacteria cell using silk clay and maize and had a lot of fun too.

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