Amalia Ruiz-Estrada

Amalia obtained a bachelor degree in Biochemistry at the University of Havana (2008) and a Master degree in Biotechnology at the Autonomous University of Madrid (2012). During her PhD at the Institute of Materials Science of Madrid (2011-2014) in the Group of Colloids and Surface Chemistry, she worked in the preparation and characterization of magnetic nanoparticles coated with different polymers and their functionalization with biomolecules (proteins, peptides, antibodies) for the formulation of stable and biocompatible magnetic fluids, and also in the study of their performance in biomedical applications such as biomolecule separation, contrast agents for NMR imaging, drug delivery and their safety evaluation in vitro and in vivo. In June 2016 she joined the University of East Anglia as a post-doctoral researcher, where she will be involved in the DNA-TRAP project.

amalia pic