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Dr C Morris and Dr K Hatzixanthis attend “Genesis 2015″ on 10th December 2015

Drs Hatzixanthis and Morris will be attending  ‘Genesis 2015’ UK’s premier Life Sciences and Healthcare networking conference,

 Aiming to hear about new technologies, identify funding and collaboration opportunities and discuss  the DNATRAP findings with other interested parties and the public.

 The meeting is held in London, on Thursday 10th December 2015


20th May 2015 DNA-TRAP Mid-Term Review


A Mid-Term Review of the project DNA-TRAP was held on the 20th May 2015 in Norwich.  See all the team in the picture above.  EU experts came to assess the projects progress and were very please with what they found.  It was a great opportunity to all get together and progress the project even more.

31st May 2015 Procarta team attend the Science in Norwich Day 2015.

science day 31st may 2015science day 31st may 2015 - 3


sciecnce day 31st may 2015 - 1  science day 31st may 2015 - 2

The procarta team engaged with young scientist to make a model bacteria cell, explore the insides of your body and find where bacteria live, and explained why you need to wash your hands with help of uv light boxes.  There were lots of pretty pictures of real bacteria, and an opportunity to draw your own.

There were also posters explaining the use of microscopes, the size of nanoparticles, surgery now and in the past, and the problem of antibacterial resistance, and models of dna.

The day was a big success and attracted more than 2,200 visitors, we made 150 bacteria cell models with young people.

If you would be interest in our team visiting your school (ideally 11 to 18 year olds) – please contact zoe on (Norfolk area only).

Click here for some posters:

Bacterial Cell

bacteria gang

amazing facts bacteria

Procarta Scientists participating in key Nanomedicine Conferences in 2015

Dr Doroty Codoni (Senior Scientist at Procarta) and Ms Lisa Romei (secondee from CSGI, Italy, EU project DNATRAP ), will be representing Procarta at the Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery Conference in London ( on April 27-28 2015.

Ms Clara Franch (Research Scientist) will be representing Procarta at ICNN 2015 : International Conference on Nanotechnology and nanomedicine ( Prague in July 2015 and will be presenting a poster describing Procarta’s work on Development of a novel antibacterial to block growth of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and prevent biofilm formation.

Professor Michael McArthur is interviewed for Wired Magazine November 2014

Professor Michael McArthur is interviewed by Wired Magazine about Procarta’s technology, and provides his views on how the technology can address the current un-met clinical need for new antibiotics.  Click below to view article.

Meet the UK firms at the forefront of drug creation – MM Nov 2014

DNA-TRAP scientitist visit Attleborough Academy Norfolk, to talk about antibiotics and careers in science on 8th December 2014

4 young scientists from Procartabiosystems and UEA visited Attleborough Academy Norfolk, to talk about the DNA-TRAP project, antibiotics and careers in science.

We received the following thank you email:

Good Morning, I just wanted to pass on our thanks to you for arranging the students’ visit yesterday. I think the first 2 sessions went really well.  It was lovely to see our students able to engage with cutting edge science on their doorstep and to meet scientists who are not also teachers! . Regards David

David Brahams (Head of science faculty) Attleborough Academy Norfolk

If your school is interested in outreach activities, and is in the Norfolk area please use our contact form to get in touch.

Florence University participate in Annual Outreach activity 10-11th June

CSGI took park in the annual outreach event organised by Florence University, ScienzEstate.  The team set up some colourful lab experiments and demonstrations to teach children a few basic concepts about the importance of surfactants in everyday life.  The DNA-TRAP brochure and poster made the link between CSGI’s leading study subjects and the DNA-TRAP project.  Finally we delivered a grand ending with some giant soap bubbles!  Both children and grown-ups had fun while learning new things.

italian brochure

please click below to see pictures of the open day.

pic 1 mm  pic 2 mm   pic 3 mm   pic 4 mm





24th Feb 2014, Co-ordinators Briefing in Brussels, – Kostas, Zoe and Filippo attend

The EU provided a Co-ordinators briefing in Brussels on the 24th Feb 2014.  Kostas (project Co-ordinator), Zoe (Finance and Admin Manager DNA-TRAP) and Filippo (Finance and Admin Manager CSGI) attended.  The event was very useful, Kostas and Zoe asked a million questions and the team met the DNA-TRAP EU officer Bronius Goossens which was very informative.



pic 1 – Fillippo, Zoe, Kostas, pic 2 – Filippo, Kostas, and Bronius