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Patrick Boisseau CEA Grenoble

Short biography of Patrick Boisseau

Mr. Patrick BOISSEAU is a graduate of the Institut National Agronomique (1983) and of the Ecole Nationale du Génie Rural, des Eaux et des Forêts (1985). He holds an MSc Degree in Human Nutrition. His general academic background is therefore in biology engineering.

French positions

He joined the CEA – the French Atomic Energy Commission – in 1987. He had several positions as research fellow in the Life Sciences Division then as an expert on strategy in life sciences and environment at the Foresight & Strategy Division. He became the deputy head of department of biology at the Life Sciences Division, based in Grenoble.

Since 2008, he has been in charge of the business development for NanoMedicine at CEA-Leti, a public Research & Technology organization with expertise in nanoparticles for diagnostics and therapy and more generally on (nano)technology transfer in medical technologies.

In April 2013, he was also put in charge of Strategic Planning in Health Technologies at CEA-Tech, the technological Research Division of CEA.

European activities

From 2004 to 2008, he was the coordinator of the European Network of Excellence in Nanobiotechnology, Nano2Life (, with 23 academic partners,  41 companies  and 400+ scientists.

In 2006, he became an Executive Board Member of the European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine, and chairman of the working group on “nanotechnology based diagnostics and imaging” ( ). In 2012, he was then elected as Chairman of the Board of the European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine.

Patrick Boisseau coordinates and/or participates in numerous French and European funded R&D projects in nanomedicine.

Patrick Boisseau serves as expert or reviewer for several national/European bodies: European Commission, European Science Foundation, the European Commission, Oesterreichische Forschungsfoerderungsgesellschaft GmbH (AT), Agence Nationale de la Recherche (FR), EuroNanoMed (EU), CIBER-BBN (ES)…


Business Development, Nanomedicine

Microtechnologies for Biology and Healthcare Division


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