Alejandro Marin Menendez

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My research experience started as an undergraduate at the Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry while I was in my third year of a MSc in Veterinary. In my last year I moved to Sweden with an Erasmus scholarship and then there, I started to collaborate with the Neuroscience Department at Karolinska Institute where I stayed for a total of 10 months thanks to being awarded with an Argo Global fellowship.

After a short period working in the Medicine School in Albacete (Spain), I moved to Ireland where I completed my Ph.D. thesis in Dr. Angus Bell’s laboratory at Trinity College Dublin. My thesis focused on the understanding of the antimalarial action of immunosuppressant drugs, and the identification and characterization of drug-resistance phenotypes in culture. Prior to the defense of my thesis, I had the opportunity to work with an international consortium, PregVax, based first at CRESIB (Barcelona), and later conducted the majority of my research in Manaus (Brazil) where I studied putative targets for vaccine development against P. vivax.

I went on a sabbatical year to finish a MSc in Biochemistry at the Complutense University (Madrid, Spain) that had started a few years back, and then used the opportunity to obtain a MSc in Education for the University of Seville (Spain).

Currently I hold a Senior Microbiologist position in the thriving biopharma, Procarta Biosystems Ltd. (Norwich, UK), in which we are developing both a nanoparticle delivery system and an oligonucleotide-based therapy against various drug resistant bacteria.