Constanza Montis

constanza pic

I received my Master Degree in Chemistry from the University of Florence in 2009 (110/110 cum laude) and my PhD from the same University in 2013 with a thesis on “Nucleolipid Self Assemblies for the Confinement and Delivery of Nucleic Acids”, focused on the design and characterization of nucleic acids vectors based on self-assemblies of nucleolipids, for possible application in gene therapy.

From 2013 I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Florence, working on the interaction of nanostructured materials with cell membrane model systems. In this view, my main research interests are focused on the design, preparation and investigation of reliable cell membrane models, capable to mimic the main features of the biological membranes, in order to investigate the interaction of nanosystems designed for biomedical purposes with the most relevant biological interfaces.