Paolo Gasco


Paolo Gasco (1961) graduated in Aeronautical Engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin (110 cum laude), and holds a Master Degree in Artificial Intelligence. After professional experience in different fields, such as information technology, building design, logistics and advertising, and teaching of technical subjects in high school, public and private, he has actively participated in the creation and growth of Nanovector, fascinated by innovation coming by Nanotechnology applied in the field of drug delivery. CEO of Nanovector since 2002, Paolo coordinates researches performed by Nanovector along the lines set out in all projects financed by public or private entities. He’s inventor of 2 patents relevant to formulations of Solid Lipid Nanoparticles and to their therapeutic use, and co-author in several scientific publications. Over the years he coordinated as Principal Investigator on behalf of Nanovector 3 projects granted by EC (BONSAI-FP6 , NAD-FP7, MAGNIFYCO-FP7), several projects funded by Regione Piemonte (NANO-IGT, IMMONC, BANP, Voucher projects and others), and 1 project funded by the Italian Ministry of Industry (RESV). Paolo is now PI for projects UNION (EC-FP7) and MAG-CHIP (Regione Piemonte).