The following publications have resulted from the DNA-TRAP project:

  1. Interaction between a cationic bolaamphiphile and DNA: The routetowards nanovectors for oligonucleotide antimicrobials – published in Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces volume 143 July 2016, first author Dr. Marianna Mamusa.  Click here for the cover colloids and surfaces B.  Members of the DNA-TRAP community please see our portal page for the full paper.  For external interested parties please subscribe to
  2.  “Antimicrobial Nanoplexes meet Model Bacterial Membranes: the key role of Cardiolipin” published in Scientific Reports 7, article 41242, Jan 2017,  first author Dr. Alejandro Marin-Menendez. The article is open access, it can be  freely accessed by anyone.  please use the link to view and enjoy.  To see related Italian newspaper article featuring the paper please click here Corriere_fiorentino_10feb2017pag9